Executive Consulting

Mark Dunn, President of Field Guide Enterprises, brings over 30 of sales and executive management experience in bankcard to his position as executive consultant to the electronic payments industry. His breadth of experience extends to every type of player and product in the industry: bankcard terminals, PC-based POS software, third-party processors, banks, ISOs and ISPs. Mr. Dunn has successfully led two ISO sales programs as National Sales Manager.

If you are starting an ISO or working on growing an ISO, you should consider getting the input of a seasoned professional such as Mark Dunn.

Mr. Dunn also has experience serving as an expert witness in cases of litigation involving merchant bankcard acquiring, electronic payments, merchant services, ISOs, agents, merchants, processors and other bankcard players.

Many ISOs need assistance in understanding the value of the portfolios they have built. Mark Dunn provides expert portfolio valuation services to ISO owners and potential investors. Valuations are educated estimates based on a large number of factors, such as whether the sales force is included in a potential sale, merchant retention, profitability, strong market niche and so forth. Applying these factors, Mr. Dunn evaluates the portfolio’s net revenue multiple using a comparison of the portfolio with recent portfolio sale benchmarks. He then rates the portfolio against the factors that will increase or decrease a portfolio’s relative value, giving comments about these ratings. The result is an estimated value of the portfolio within a range that applies to the portfolio under consideration.

In early 2003 Mr. Dunn co-founded the Midwest Acquirers Association (MWAA), the nation’s largest regional bankcard trade association.  He was president of the MWAA for four consecutive years and has served for the past seven years as treasurer.  The MWAA has experienced eleven straight years of financial growth and stability, setting a high standard for industry trade conferences