Field Guide offers bankcard training that can be tailored to the needs of the client:

Merchant bankcard sales training – the real world business of contacting merchants, closing sales, accurately completing sales paperwork and post-sale follow-up.  Training is delivered in two formats:

1) On-line – customized, white-label sales training web site for your ISO or bank.  This training is specifically designed for salespeople who have no experience in bankcard.  It covers 10 detailed lessons and includes online testing to verify the material has been learned.  And since it is online, it is kept current at all times.  Sales reps who have completed this course are ready to start calling on merchants and working with a sales manager.  This is absolutely the most cost-effective bankcard sales training in the industry.   It is perfect for the ISO or bank that is ready for professional training at a reasonable price. – 2)Live seminars – on-site, live training with your sales team.

“The ISO Workshop” – an Intensive workshops on the ISO business – an insider’s look at owning and growing an ISO. Includes big picture, business metrics, profitability plus specific tips and techniques about building the business including all of these topics:

  • How to Start an ISO
  • How Much Money is Required to Start an ISO?
  • How Long Does It Take to Start an ISO?
  • Industry Structure and Changes
  • Industry Micro and ISO Profitability
  • Interchange, Merchant Pricing and Pricing Programs
  • Marketing, Finding Merchants and Pipeline Generation
  • ISO Residuals
  • Building, Managing and Paying the Sales Force
  • Lead Management, Telesales, Direct Sales
  • Agents and Direct Reps
  • Solutions: Terminals, Integrated Solutions, Virtual Terminal, Mobile
  • Value-Add Services
  • ISO Operations
  • What to look for in ISO Agreements, Processors and Sponsor Banks
  • Sharpening Your SO Business Plan
  • ISO Registration
  • IT and Core Systems Development
  • Other revenue opportunities

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The Field Guide team assists clients with definition of sales message, competitive analysis, sales channel structure, advertising and industry public relations. Also, the team maintains one of the largest private databases of agents, ISO’s, acquirers and vendors.

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