Review of Consulting Services

“As a partner of a small merchant services company with a small sales team, I decided it was time to scale our business model by growing our sales team over the next calendar year. Once we began to access the hurdles of this initiative, it became clear that — although we had the industry knowledge and staff for the project – there were a number of hurdles that we needed to address to help ensure that we were successful. Over the years, we have made several unsuccessful attempts to hire more account executives. It was pretty obvious to us that we needed to take a closer look at our recruiting, training, support and operating processes to clearing determine where we needed to improve.

Because of these deficiencies, we decided to enlist the help of Mark Dunn as a consultant. Mark spent significant time to assess our current situation and used that knowledge to put together an extensive five part training program to address Project Planning, Marketing, Building the Sales Force, Building a Pipeline of Prospects and Keeping Good Salespeople. These sessions went into great detail on all topics and were extremely helpful in helping our organization create a plan to fix our past issues and put us in a position to succeed. At the project conclusion, our plan for the future is clear and we fully understand what weaknesses we need to address. I would strongly recommend this consultation to any ISO or Agent that is looking to grow their merchant services business. I just can’t say enough about the job Mark did. His industry experience is vast and he does a fantastic job of sharing that with you in a way that allows you to take that information and apply it to your company’s goals. Thanks Mark!!!”

– Dustin Wilkins, MLS Direct Network, September 4, 2015

Reviews of the ISO Workshop and Training

“The 2 day seminar on the bankcard business was outstanding. With your extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, you cleared up for us what is a very complex industry. Just getting started in this business seems easy now…thanks to yoau. There was never a dull moment!”

– Mark Artho, CPA January 3, 2008

“We wanted to thank you again for the fantastic seminar that you conducted for us last week. The information provided was extremely helpful in building our new ISO business. You have provided us with pertinent information that will work as the building blocks for creating a successful ISO business. We would highly recommend your seminar to anyone considering starting an ISO business on their own. Your presentation and the material provided were both professional and timely. We will continue to use your consulting services in the future as we grow our business and take it to the next level. Thanks again.”

– David M. Caso Velocity Funding, LLC July 15, 2007

“We attended the Field Guide ISO Workshop in October, 2006. As newcomers to the industry we credit the 2 day intensive training as the platform of our business and success. We use the materials we were provided in this workshop on a weekly and often a daily basis.

The Workshop gave us insights into the elusive payment industry. We learned what the insiders know and took years to acquire in a matter of 2 days. Running a profitable ISO business is not easy. Because of the Workshop we feel confident and our confidence has turned into business in a very short period of time. For anyone who is thinking about becoming an ISO or a MLS this course is a must. We consider Mark Dunn the greatest asset in our company portfolio.”

– Wendy M. Yurgo, President Metrics Business Solutions, LLC January 2, 2007


“The “Field Guide for the Developing ISO” (FGI) is a collaborative, educational seminar independent of MWAA and hosted by Mark Dunn… Overall, the “Field Guide for the Developing ISO” is a strong new player in the regional ISO training marketplace. A few years ago the noise “on the street” was that a lack of training opportunities and information existed for the MLS.”

– Excerpt from the Green Sheet, August 23, 2004

“Another individual who is making his mark on behalf of hundreds of professionals is Mark Dunn. His work with the MWAA (Midwest Acquirers Association) is well documented and well received. Together with his colleagues, Mark is introducing new ideas and new formulas to bring sales agents and vendors together in hopes of improving merchant services in the payment processing arena. He is putting a new twist on the MWAA by highlighting people who are making a difference through achievement awards at the MWAA conferences. Through his efforts, the MWAA is focusing on topics that are of great importance to ISOs. Kudos to him for taking steps in the right direction and creating excitement.”

– Excerpt from the First Annual Movers and Shakers Awards, Transaction World, August 2003


Mark Dunn was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Board of the Midwest Acquirers Association on July 19, 2012 for his contributions to electronic payments entrepreneurship, industry consulting, training and networking.